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The school provides the following as services for students:

a- Buildings and areas

·         Suitable playground that is designed for several kind of sports.

·         computer lab that is prepared to meet the curricula requirements .

·         science lab , that is provided by the required materials , devices and instructional tools that are required to facilitate students learning in different grade levels.

·         Library , that includes books that covers different aspects , including books that are asked to be read in Arabic or English to enrich students’ knowledge and thinking skills.

·         Multimedia room , that is prepared by the suitable requirements for students to reach information through technology.

·         Clinic , that is prepared to receive any emergency by first aids , and the basic medication for simple injuries , and pain.

·         Canteen , that provides the students by healthy types of food.

·         Transportation , that provides rides to and from the school, according to a contract that is written between the parent and the school.

·         Art room , that is prepared to provide the basic requirements to the art classes.

b. Counseling Services

  • Social worker office; works on Developing students’ personality, discovering their abilities, solving their problems, dissolve the difficulties they face , and supports their motivation to increase their academic level, according to the school’s purpose.
  • 2-studetns affairs office; Planning and organizing all of students’ affairs in the school , and dealing with all the issues related to students, according to the school’s purpose.
  • 3-The students’ advisor; answers the students’ academic questions , giving advices that would help in their situations, and provide guidance for developing and achieving meaningful educational, professional, and personal goals, making sure that a student is aware of every opportunity available to him.
  • Student’s council, to be created based on internal elections .
  • Parents’ Council .

 c. Personality Supporting Activities

A number of activities were applied to support the development of some personality aspects specially , leadership , cooperation , communication skills, and 

i. competitions :

The competitive approach is to emphasize on the development of

emotional aspects such as competitive, fair play, work hard, and confident.

It also develops leadership skills when the competition is between groups , as well as acceptance of frailer.

The school presents a various number of competitions, the following are part of them.

  • -writing competition in both English and Arabic languages in several aspects including ( poem – short stories – novels – thoughts)
  • -Science teams competitions
  • -Drawing competitions
  • -Mathematics’ teams competitions
  • -spelling bee
  • -debating teams competitions
  • -Qur’an memorizing competitions
  • -French language competitions
  • -Social studies competitions

 ii-Schooler and non-schooler activities 

 ·         The subject week

·         The national day

·         Culture day for different countries

·         Career day

iii- Projects:

  • - A reading project is applied annually in both English and Arabic subjects, students should read 2 Arabic books, and two English books, in their choice of a list of choices provided to them by the school.

The school is focusing on developing students personalities through reading , as reading helps students to have stronger analytical thinking skills , improves focus and concentration , provides students with better writing skills , supports them by a good vocabulary expansion , knowledge , and memory improvement.

  • -Science fair projects, that includes a number of values and principles including ( leadership – cooperation – scientific research )
  • Cross curricular projects that integrates between more than one subject.

 iv- Workshops and lectures :

Students need also direct instructions , and open discussions to learn about human behavior , and to have a chance to express themselves , this is applied in the school through;

·         Different personality shaping workshops prepared by the social worker

·         Religious lectures.

·         Fliers, and news letters

·         Individual meetings with the social worker

·         A behavior program that is applied to lower grades ( 1-3 ) , as violence behavior and lack of communication skills were noticed on them.

V- Career planning:

Students are to visit the annual universities fair , to collect the required information for their future career.